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Sugar Snap Peas are a group of edible podded peas that were developed by breeding a Chinese snow pea with a mutant pea plant. The result is a snappy sweet pea with thicker walls and plump pods.


Sugar Snap Peas are available year-round.

Nutritional Value

Sugar snap peas provide an excellent source of protein.


The best way to know if sugar snap peas are fresh and sweet is simply by tasting them. A versatile culinary delight, sugar snap peas are welcome in a myriad of dishes. A healthy side dish, serve with main entrées. Toss into fresh mixed green salads. Make a scrumptious chilled fresh pea salad. Peas pair well with cheese. Enhance stews and soups. To store, refrigerate in a plastic bag. For optimum quality and flavor, use within one week.

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