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Garden Peas

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English peas have a large bright green pod which encases plump, round peas or berries. The pods grow on vines and unlike snow and sugar snap peas are too fibrous to be edible. Pods must be shelled first by snapping off the end and pulling the fibrous string along the length of the pod. Each pod contains five to eight emerald hued peas. Peas have a tender yet slightly crunchy texture and a sweet pea flavor. For best flavor prepare or freeze peas soon after they are harvested, the high sugar content of the peas begin to convert to starch as soon as the peas are picked from the vine.


A peak season in spring through early summer, english peas are available year-round with sporadic gaps in availability throughout the year.

Current Facts

English peas (Pisum sativum), also known as shell peas, green peas and garden peas are a legume and part of the Fabaceae family. Most commercially sold peas are of the English pea variety. Today, of all the green peas grown, only five per cent come to the market fresh, the bulk of them are canned, frozen or dried.

Nutritional Value

Fresh english peas are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B (particularly folic acid), calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium. In addition they contain protein and fiber as well as lutein which has been shown to promote healthy vision. They also contain phytonutrients which have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. To best preserve nutrients use peas raw or prepare steamed or stir-fried.


A versatile vegetable, fresh english peas are sweet and tender enough to be eaten raw but may also be prepared cooked. Shelled peas can be blanched and pureed to make a spread or dip. Add raw peas to green and grain salads. Their sweet, fresh flavor will complement rich pasta and risotto as well as spicy curries and soups. The shells of english peas can be used to add flavor to vegetable stock. For best flavor and texture wait to shell peas till you are ready to use them. Peas can also be shelled and frozen, dried or canned for future use.

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